Small vineyards, unique wines

Our selection of micro-produced and unique wines

In our small shop you will find a selection of wines that come from very small Italian producers. Some of our partners, for instance, make only 7.000 bottles per year.

Why do we work with them?

Quality: each wine is handmade. Our producers spend their daily-life ensuring that everything is perfect in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Sustainability: small production it means that everything is taken care of with the minimum impact on the lands and the ecosystem. All our wines are organically produced, some are biodynamic and some natural.

Uniqueness: when doing everything manually, every bottles is "one of a kind". Unfortunately, small producers are ignored by big supermarket and big importers who need big quantities and mass produced wines to ensure very low prices.

With Vineria, you can enjoy great wines and support small producers.

  • Pierluigi Zampaglione

  • Campania
  • Giuseppe Sedilesu

  • Sardegna
  • Vincenzo Bossotti

  • Piemonte
  • Macarico

  • Basilicata
  • Vadiaperti / Traerte

  • Campania
  • Azienda Agricola Fiorano

  • Marche

Pierluigi Zampaglione


Giuseppe Sedilesu


Vincenzo Bossotti




Vadiaperti / Traerte


Azienda Agricola Fiorano


How do we select our wines?

Small Italian Family Run Businesses 

All our bottles are sourced from small producers that proudly carry a sustainable and respectful wine making process.

Our producers have been making wine for few generations: they know their land.

All our wines are manually made: from winter pruning to late summer harvesting, our partners take care of the land with the love and dedication that they have inherited from their fathers.

Authentic and Indigenous Varieties 

In order to bring something "new" on your tables, we aim to find lesser-known but outstanding wine regions. Why?

Because, Italy is the country with the highest number of animal and vegetal species on the planet.

Throughout our selection we aim to represent this diversity by carefully choosing the producers and the wines that, in our opinion, are the best at mirroring this biodiversity in every wine region.

Quality Reigns Supreme

Quality is of upmost importance to us, we never buy mass-produced wines, closeout wines or discounted wines. 

Despite we do not distinguish between natural and conventional wines on the website, in Vineria there is no room for shortcuts. All our wines are organic, some biodynamic and some natural.

Most importantly, they are handmade: meaning that all our partners spend their daily life ensuring that their wines are worthy carrying their names on the label.

Top-quality starting from 99 DKK


Purchasing our wines is like buying directly from the producer's cellar.  

No middle-men and big mark-ups are involved because we think that great wine should be an affordable luxury to be enjoyed everyday.

It’s really just that simple.  

online wine shopping has never been so easy

Lost in the wine jungle?

We spend about 2 months per year visiting the wineries and tasting wines for you. So if you need help in choosing the best bottle for your dinner, a gift or if you simply need help navigating the world of Italian wines, feel free to call us, write us an email or more simply use the live-chat option in the right corner.

As simple as a face to face chat.

Want to explore alone?

Here you can find our selection. On the left you will find some filters that you can use to find your best fit wine.

How does delivery work?

We use patented packaging system to safely deliver your wines directly to your door or to the nearest pakkeshop.

We ensure your orders are processed as fast as possible and endeavour to deliver within 24 hours in Copenhagen and 48 hours for the rest of Denmark.

Buying wine on Vineria is easy, hustle-free and fast. You just need to enjoy it alone or in good company.

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