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Shortly about us

My name is Luca and together with my friend Mikkel we run Vineria. 

Vineria is our "playground" and it is powered by our passion for wine and Italy. A passion (for wine) I have personally inherited from my Sicilian nonno -grandfather- and that I have been growing throughout my life. 

Besides having a lot of fun doing what we do, not being tight to huge profits for survival allows us to be totally free when selecting and proposing our wines. 


Our purpose in Vineria is to provide Danes with unique wines. We do this by travelling and finding vineyards that are passing under the radars of normal importers either because too small or because the area is most of the time unknown to most.

We love winemakers who have an extraordinary story to tell. We believe that great wines are both the result of unique natural conditions AND winemakers' personalities and willingness to dare. 

This approach has led us to work only with winemakers who have small and limited productions. Most of our wines are made in 2000-3000 bottles per year (in some cases like our Nebbiolo to 600). As you can understand, we don’t work with “micro-vineries” because is trendy or cool but because we know that all processes are taken care of manually and without using any shortcuts (0 tolerance to harmful chemicals).

That is why we can say that quality is the highest you can get - as well as the amount of personality in each bottle. Or as we always say to our clients, “In Vineria you won’t find a single bottle that we would not drink ourselves”.

Luca e Raffaele

A curiosity? Vineria was the place me and my grandpa used to bring the harvested grapes to make his wine.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help choosing your wine or organising a customised wine event (private/company). 



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