Podere Concori Bianco - Toscana IGT - 2020

Podere Concori Bianco - Toscana IGT - 2020

Podere Concori
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Podere Concori Bianco is a biodynamic white/orange wine made from Pinot Bianco and Chenin Blanc grapes from very old vine. This wine is faithful to its territory of origin: fascinating and austere. It is presented in the glass with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose is rich in fruit not yet fully ripe and white wild flowers, with an aromatic background of wild herbs and mountain rock. In the mouth it is balanced between fruit, acidity and an important structure.

Less than 3000 bottles a year.

Why have we selected this wine?

The Bianco di Podere Concori is an Orange Wine produced organically. With a long maceration. Grapes come from two small vineyards in the highest part of the farm (about 400 meters above sea level), Selvapiana and Prete, plots once owned by the nearby church of Fiattone. Here the Apennine ventilation is constant and helps in the management of the abundant humidity. The particular composition of the soil, characterized by sand and shale with a good presence of silica, and the great seasonal and daily temperature range day/night give the wine acidity, freshness and elegance. The grapes ferment spontaneously for about 40 days in steel tanks, and so does the refinement.


In 1998, attracted by the unique micro-climate of the Garfagnana mountains, 

Gabriele Da Prato, a young oenologist, starts making wine in an area where nobody was daring to. Today this love has transformed and brought Gabriele and his Podere Còncori to be recognised as one of the most genius wine-maker in the whole region. 

Gabriele besides being a great wine-maker is also a musician. His vineyards know that well. Every year, indeed, few days before the harvest, he likes to spend hours delighting the mature grapes with his trombone. He thinks that the vibrations of his music is the perfect final touch  for the grapes after a year of hard work.