Melograno - Toscana Rosso IGT - 2020

Melograno - Toscana Rosso IGT - 2020

Podere Concori
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Melograno Rosso is a biodynamic wine made from Syrah (and wild grapes growing in the vineyards Ciliegiolo, Carrarese) grapes from very old vine. On the nose it can be smelled pepper, violets and wild roses typical of the area. Rhythm, freshness and elegance on the palate. The finish is deep and beautiful. Persistent aromatic intensity and great softness.

Why have we selected this wine?

Someone could literally make a movie about this wine and its father Gabriele.

We are in Tuscany, in the Garfagnana region. Here many years ago, isolated on these mountains, Gabriele started his biodynamic farm Podere Còncori.

Here the river Serchio flows like a vein across the Alpi Apuane ending in the Mediterranean ocean. The river creates a real wind gallery for the mild sea breeze. Altitude, cold mountain breeze and mild sea breeze ensure the perfect habitat and micro-climate for the Syrah. In this scenario, the Syrah expresses itself uniquely. The Melograno is made of Syrah and some local native grapes. Its unicity is also due to its soil -sandstones on Miocene schists.

Completely spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in open vats and tanks. 10 months of aging in small barrels of 225 liters complete the birth of this wine. With only 8000 bottles made every year, Melograno reflects all the scents of the herbs, the vegetation, the climate and the soil of this untouched part of Tuscany. 


In 1998, attracted by the unique micro-climate of the Garfagnana mountains, Gabriele Da Prato, a young oenologist, starts making wine in an area where nobody was daring to. Today this love has transformed and brought Gabriele and his Podere Còncori to be recognised as one of the most genius wine-maker in the whole region. 

Gabriele besides being a great wine-maker is also a musician. His vineyards know that well. Every year, indeed, few days before the harvest, he likes to spend hours delighting the mature grapes with his trombone. He thinks that the vibrations of his music is the perfect final touch  for the grapes after a year of hard work. We definately taste the grapes real appreciation!