Coda di Volpe Irpinia DOC

Coda di Volpe Irpinia DOC

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Coda di Volpe -in english Fox Tail- is a truly hidden gem. This grapevine has been named after "fox tails" because of its very odd and unique shape and colour. Coda di Volpe clusters in fact are extremely long (30/40 cm) and they have a very distinguishing colour; toning towards yellow/orange.

Straw yellow with pearly reflections. The rather broad aroma ranges from yellow flowers, thyme and chamomile flowers, to which, in time, are added notes of coffee powder and honey. The palate is caressed by the gustatory harmony of this vine, characterised by well-balanced acidity and alcohol.

Why have we selected this wine?

This bottle is the result of a selection of Coda di Volpe grapes that randomly grow in  in Raffaele's vineyards. Normally, Coda di Volpe is not produced in the Avellino and Irpinia area, it is indeed a wine more typical of the Vesuvio and Sannio area. However, Raffaele was shocked to discover how differently and uniquely these grapes resulted after an experiment he did with his father. He has been the only producers making this wine in his area for many years and now many other are following his path. 

The family: Raffaele Troisi

The winery Vadiaperti was one of the first wineries that made famous the hill Montefredane, imposing it as a reference area for the Fiano di Avellino. An adventure that began in the mid-eighties, today under the helm of Raffaele, son of Professor Antonio Troisi. A project the one of Vadiaperti always played on the stylistic consistency and never follow fads or approvals: flavor, freshness, originality of expression and personality are the characteristics that Vadiaperti tries to recreate in each wine.

The winery can count on six hectares of vineyards and has always pursued the enhancement of local vines minimal human intervention. The main body, which develops around the winery, is on the hill of Montefredane. On a clay soil is planted Fiano, while the Greco is in the wine district of Montefusco, 600 meters above sea level. The mild Mediterranean climate, the volcanic origin of the soil and its tuffaceous characteristics make this area highly suited for viticulture. The love for the land and the respect for the traditions have led Raffaele to the creation of wines of great depth and personality, whose elegance and finesse is perfectly balanced with aromas and scents; capturing the essence of Campania.