Iancura - Malvasia Secca Terre Siciliane IGT - 2021

Iancura - Malvasia Secca Terre Siciliane IGT - 2021

165,00 kr
165,00 kr
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Iancura is a dry Malvasia wine from the Sicilian volcanic island of Salina (from the hills of Val di Chiesa).  A unique, fresh and complex wine, perfect for sardines or sushi.

Clear pale straw reverberates a green tinge. The nose notes peaches infused with lively saline aromas from sun and sea, fresh minerals and vegetable nuances of celery and sage, kiwi, melon, and resin. On the palate delicate acidity accompanied by the sweetness of honey impregnated with saline lymph and accents of olives in brine. A fluid caramel lingering caress felt on the ever present sea backdrop that leaves the throat feeling nostalgic for the vivid, fruity sweet and salty finish.

Why have we selected this wine?

Iancura is a wine of rare freshness and complexity. 90% Malvasia and 10% local Inzolia grapes, whose vinification and subsequent maturation take place in steel tanks only, an ideal container to preserve its distinctive aromas. A white that refers to the most beautiful scents of Sicily, ideal for a nice aperitif thanks to continuous hints as much mineral and fruity as of hay and more generally of Mediterranean scrub. A bottle that will immediately take you to the Mediterranean island of Salina.

The family: Carlo and Andrea Hauner

It is towards the end of the 1960s, on the occasion of the usual summer holidays in the Aeolian Islands, that Carlo Hauner begins to think about moving to this fascinating, uncontaminated and in some ways ancestral place. First a painter and then a designer, Salina has a magnetic attraction towards him, a unique island for the views it is able to offer.
It is here that with the passing of the months it gets closer and closer to that grape that the farmers of the area left to dry in the sun after the harvest: Malvasia. The step is short, his passion for wine leads him in a short time to recover some vineyards abandoned by those who had chosen to emigrate and to make them live a new life. It introduces some innovations: it withers the grapes directly on the vine and experiments with some cooling techniques during fermentation. Small revolutions that fascinate experts, starting with Veronelli, and that bring Hauner's Malvasia to the table of some of the best restaurants of those years.
With the passage of time his fame strengthened, the winery grew and became more and more one of the protagonists of the rebirth of not only Sicilian but also Italian wine.
Today it is a reality carried on by his son Carlo Junior, but what has remained unchanged is the constant attention to quality and territorial adherence that have made Hauner's wines famous in the world. Bright and elegant whites and reds, irresistible. 

A curiosity, the labels on the bottles are picturing some of the painting from the Carlo Senior. Today the grandchild Andrea is slowly taking the lead of the winery.