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There is a corner of Loire valley in Tuscany

French grapes in Tuscany have showed surprisingly outstanding result; the Bolgheri area above all is an example. 

However, there is a corner of Tuscany that is little explored or known to the most. The Garfagnana area is perhaps one of the most beautiful area in the entire peninsula, however for many years remained secluded due to its high mountains: the Apuane Alps.


Most of the Garfagnana uniqueness and beauty can be addressed to the river Serchio. This river indeed creates a fantastic micro-climate by mitigating the mountains weather with the mild sea breeze that runs within its valley. 

The constant breeze blowing from the Apennines and the specific soil composition, marked by sand and shale, allow this region to produce wines with an authentic expression, reminiscent of Loire valley wines for their acidity, freshness and elegance.

Walking in the vineyard. The heroic winemaking of Gabriele. 

"Walking the vineyards". Three words to fully describe the relationship between a vineyard and the person who tends it, who inhabits the vineyard day after day. Walking the vineyards and almost being able to communicate with them; or playing music in their midst.

Gabriele non-intervention/long macerations philosophy and personality do the rest. 11.000 bottles produced with his own hands and feet. Every single step is hand-crafted to maximise the flavours and the taste his amazing land. 

In Gabriele vineyards it is possible to find Chenin Blanc, Pinot Bianco, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Traminer.

"When I thought of making wine in Garfagnana, there wasn't a winery within 60 km, nor a wine with a label or a faint recollection of what had once been the highest vineyard of Tuscany.
To continue the work my father Luigi had started, I decided in 1999 to embark on a journey that could restore dignity to these old vineyard products, recovering the image of the wines of Garfagnana and the Valle del Serchio" Gabriele da Prato.

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