Summer Wine Box (White/Rosé)

Summer Wine Box (White/Rosé)

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Do you want to try new exciting wines this summer?

Indulge yourself with our selection of micro-produced Italian wines and let us deliver  to your summerhouse. Free of charge. 

In this box you will get a selection of 6 bottles (4 whites and 2 rosé) that are a great match for summer food and warm days.

  1. Salina Bianco from Hauner (Sicily)
  2. Serní Arneis from Taliano (Piemonte)
  3. Ribolla Gialla from Roncus (Friuli Venezia-Giulia)
  4. Coda di Volpe from Vadiaperti (Campania)
  5. Hiera Rose from Hauner (Sicily)
  6. Rifletti from Bossotti (Piemonte)

Good summer everyone from the Vineria Team!