About Vineria

A 25 years old love story

I love wine and I grew up with the passion for knowing more and more about the secrets behind every bottle. However I don't like to introduce myself as a wine guru. Despite I hold enough knowledge to perhaps be called "an expert", I dislike fancy and snobbish "sommelier attitudes": such as hiding behind unclear, lifeless language and discouraging dialogue by speaking a strange and incomprehensible language.

This way of dealing with wine is for me the opposite of what wine should stand for. Wine is made to unite, to come together around a table; evenly and joyfully.

My encounter with wine happened at early age thanks to my grandfather Giuseppe. He had a small personal vineyard in Sicily through which he used to make his own "vino da tavola". As a child, I used to spend my summers helping him collecting the grapes and working among the vines. 

Growing up the passion for wine stayed with me, however I never wanted to transform this passion into a real job. I was afraid that my genuine love and passion for wine could have changed if it had become my primary source of income. That is why, I chose to study economics and marketing. 

However, along the years I never stopped researching, learning as a self-thought and noting down all the bottles I felt in love with. During my vacations I never missed the opportunity to pay visit and meet the producers behind the bottles I mostly appreciate.
Moreover, in parallel with my studies, I worked with wine as wine-specialist at the Nebbiolo wine-bar in Copenhagen and then founding the Danish wine-store Via Vino in collaboration with 3 other people. 

After these experiences, I decided to start my own wine-store.

Vineria was the place me and my grandpa used to bring the harvested grapes to make his wine.

Today, with Vineria I would like to pay tribute to him and shed more light over all the small Italian winemaker that, with the same hard-work and dedication, are putting Italian wine on top of the world excellences. 

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