About Vineria

A 25 years old love story

Vineria is not born as a business, but as side project fueled by my passion for wine. A passion I have inherited from my Sicilian nonno -grandfather- who used to make his own wine. 

That is why in Vineria you will never find wines that are there for the profit. I don’t select bottles with the goal of selling on a vast scale but with the sole intention of bringing wines that -I think- have a unique story to tell.

My focus in Vineria is to look for hidden gems. Finding vineyards that are passing under the radars of normal importers either because too small or because the area is most of the time unknown to the most. That also allows us to bring them to the Danish tables for fair prices.

When we select a winery, it is often by driving around random hills or chatting with local wine lovers and experts. After that, we take the time to get to know our partners, their ways of working and their wine philosophy. That’s because, even though you can find different wine approaches, tastes and styles in our portfolio, I want to make sure that every bottle has a strong territorial identity, a zero-tolerance approach to use of pesticides and chemicals in the vineyards and, ultimately, avoiding wineries which aim is producing millions of bottles using grapes that are not from their own hills.

This approach has led us to work only with winemakers that have small and limited productions. Most of our wine are made in 2000-3000 bottles per year (in some cases like our Nebbiolo to 600). As you can understand, we don’t work with “micro-vineries” because is trendy or cool but because we know that all processes are taken care manually and without using any shortcuts.

That is why I can say that quality is the highest you can get, as well as the amount of personality in each bottle. I always say to our customers, “in Vineria you won’t find a single bottle that I would not drink myself”.



A curiosity. Vineria was the place me and my grandpa used to bring the harvested grapes to make his wine.

Today, with Vineria I would like to pay tribute to him and shed more light over all the small Italian winemaker that, with the same hard-work and dedication, are putting Italian wine on top of the world excellences. 

Feel free to reach out if you need any help choosing your wine or organising a customised wine event (private/company).  




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