Kollektion: What's in your glass? Learn about wine in a non-snobbish way

Vineria was born with the intention of offering top-class wines at fair prices. Our idea of fairness is not just represented by accessible prices but also in the way we stand in front of wine. We don't like to introduce ourselves as wine gurus or absolute experts. Despite we hold knowledge about wine we aim to have a clear and even conversation about the wine world. 

We dislike fancy and snobbish "sommelier attitudes", we dislike hiding behind unclear, lifeless language and discouraging dialogue by speaking a strange and incomprehensible language.

This way of dealing with wine does not represent us. 

This is why we created What's in your glass. A wine mini-course where we would like to guide you through the wine-world.

We all have been at the restaurant, in a supermarket, on a online store web-page. And we all have had to pick a wine. Truth is, we all have had absolutely no idea of what wine we should pick, or if the wine we picked was worth the money.

Three classes where you will get an introduction on

1. Wine-making

2. Wine tasting

3. Wine pairing.

No boring stuff, just lots of fun and of course wine to enjoy in good company!

Do you wanna learn more about what is in your glass?

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A presto!

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