Kollektion: When Collio’s wines meet the time: the originality and expression of long waits

On the scenic hills of Capriva del Friuli, in the heart of Collio, Roncùs winery’s vineyards lie as small spots, for a total of ten hectares. 

A family attached to this land over the last three generations. Marco's grandfather was working the land for the Diocesan monastery.  So Marco grew up with wine and decided to start bottling for selling the family wine to make wines that express this territory to the fullest. 

Marco is a meticulous winemaker who has made the time a valuable allied. Some screws, for example, reach seventy years of age, and produce very few clusters but of excellent quality. The acacia woods surrounding vineyards make then even more fascinating these small terraced hills.

In the cellar, the philosophy of the long times expected long maturation; for this reason the wines do not come out until a year and a half after the harvest. Fermentation uses only native yeasts and precedes a long rest on the lees in steel or wood: the aromas thus tend to concentrate and to give their best. Finally, the wine is bottled without filtration, according to a traditional protocol that determines production criteria.

The personal style of Marco fits perfectly with the potential of the Collio, as shown by the popular bottles that have come out from the cellar Roncus harvest after harvest. These are wines that have a strong minerality, with tensions buds branded salt, designed to grow over time: over the years buy a nice complexity. Transparency expressive white wines of Collio is subject to changes that enhance the aromas and that determine the uniqueness and originality of the product. Born of long and patient expectations, the wine produced by the winery Roncus will surprise and excite, releasing the nose and on the palate all the aromas that have long matured.


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