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Throughout our Wine-Club, Leopoldo, we would like to take you on a journey around Italy's most unique vineyards.

Here at Vineria, we want you to enjoy and experience wine at 360 degrees. For this reason, every month, following the seasonal foods and moods, we select a wine topic, 3 wines that goes along with it and organise a wine masterclass.

Besides having the possibility to learn more about our wine selection and grow your wine knowledge, you will have the chance to directly meet the producers, hear their stories and curiosities and ask any kind of question you might have.

Most importantly, we would love Leopoldo to be "la casa" for all of those who like to enjoy good wine in good company. Like we do in Italy.

That is why for each box purchased we do not set a limit for the number of people that can join the event. So get ready and call your friends. 


How does Leopoldo wine-club work?


Purchase the box for this month or buy the monthly subscription. (3 or 6 bottles) In the box -together with the wine- you will find all kind of wine materials to help you enjoying the event. 


Leopoldo wine box is delivered at your doorstep or to its nearest pakkeshop 


No strings attached. To make it easy for you, we have created 2 purchase options.

1. You can select a "one time" purchase; or

2. You can select to have a monthly automatic subscription. If one day you decide to leave our family, you can unsubscribe whenever you want without additional costs. 


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